A leaf of history

Our story

We built our tea house in the heart of old town Batavia (now Jakarta), the busiest trading port in Asia during the 17th – 18th century and the symbol of enterprise that nurtures the fighting spirit of Indonesia until today. In the capital of Indonesia that bustles with activity, we sought to provide a place of refuge for a man of any background to rejuvenate the soul.

We use our love for tea to bring visitors a taste of history on the journey back in time, decorating our walls with culture from across time and the world. We are a tea shop, but also a tour guide – to share our humble space, our years of learnings and our leaf of history.

Our tea

Our founders traveled the world to personally source top-quality tea. From the mountains of China to the fields of Taiwan, we handpick tea leaves and ship them by hand back to our tea house.

We believe that every moment deserves the right kind of tea, and we curate a wide selection so that every person, in a quavering world, can manage to find that moment of peace.